My name is Richard Laser, a.k.a, Richie The Realtor, down in Phoenix. I have been a Realtor there for 14 Years, living in Ahwatukee.

I began in Real Estate because my wife, Chef Mary Ann wanted to open a restaurant there. And we did! Did I have a choice? Our restaurant which began as a New York Style Bagel shop that turned into a Four Star Italian restaurant was a great opportunity for me to get back into sales. (Not that I minded being a host, who always carried around a glass of great wine in my hand.)

I chose Real Estate, because through the restaurant I got to know the whole community. I’m so happy I did. 17 years later, I am still helping people, and now their children and friends, find the right homes for their families. Between the restaurant and my Real Estate career I have always been connected to and helping people in our community.

So here I am living in Prescott about half the time. In addition to helping people in the community find the right home, I’m helping my community of Realtor friends. I’m helping them find the right home for their special clients in Prescott. And I love doing it!

I am grateful to be in this position to help you & your clients.

Richie Laser